Termites can be a very troublesome, and costly, pest to deal with. There are billions of dollars spent every year to repair structures that experienced termite damage. So many people could save a lot of money and time by having a termite inspection performed regularly.

Termite Inspections in Davie, FL

Our own Davie pest control technicians can help you with this. We recommend having an inspection done for termites at least two times a year. Likewise, having a general pest inspection can also save you from frustration because it helps to identify any existing issues, and to discover any potential problems that need to be addressed.

davie-florida-termite-controlA colony of termites consists of three different types: (1) Queen, (2) Soldiers, and (3) workers.  Obviously, the queen is responsible for reproducing and growing the colony. Soldier termites protect the colony and workers are in charge of locating and collecting food. They find a food source and let the other workers know, then they begin collecting it. These are most commonly the type of termite found in a home.

Termite Solutions Offered

We offer superior extermination services for termites. You can expect nothing but the best, most effective and safe termite removal services from our Davie exterminators.  Our top priority is to eliminate every active termite on your property and to also prevent further damage to your structure. It’s always ideal when this pest is caught right away, but most often that is not the case and serious (and costly) damage has already been done when they’re discovered.

Call Our Davie Termite Specialists Today!

Whether you have discovered this pest or simply want peace of mind that you ‘don’t’ have termites, our professional team is standing by, ready to assist. Just give us a call at (954) 651-9707 to speak with our front office and schedule your termite inspection when it’s convenient for you.